neděle 24. listopadu 2013

My english is not very good! But...


Báseň, či píseň? Nebo jen shluk myšlenek? Kdo ví...

I have a dream. 
I would like to become an angel.
Have a pair of wings and fly over the world.
Far away from the evil.
However, I would be good?
But, what if it on the contrary momentum?

Then it is good! * evil laughter *
I want out of here! 
People disgusts me! 

I can't be an Angel.
However, what if I become the demon with the angelic face?
Who can tell the difference? 
The common man, no!

I'm Flying! I'm going out, out of this world. 
I'll be carried away by the endless dream - fantasy.
Only there can be everything I want. 
Therefore, I'm running/flying

Wait A Minute! 
Why do you follow me?

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  1. Váu.. To je krásne... Aj ja chcem mať krídla, chcem lietať, ponad moria, oceány, preč odtiaľto...